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31 Aug

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” –Romans 12:2

Photo via: Kalah

Hey Webbies,

I have always been infatuated with patterns. When I was little I could never grasp the concepts of Math, but in about fourth grade something clicked. I went from being a C student to being an A student. It was almost as if the basic things in math were more complicated for me than doing Algebra or Trigonometry for some reason.

I absolutely love learning about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratio. Anyone who is majoring in Art will know golden ratio, because he or she uses it frequently when drawing or sculpting works. The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers in which each number equals the sum of the two preceding numbers. You can find its curve in many forms hidden or in plain sight within nature.

What is it about the pattern that it shows itself all over this Earth?

I feel as though we all have patterns in our life that we have created. Whether it is the pattern in how we keep time (or do not keep it); or a situation that recurs time after time in our life, it still is something that has repetition in our life.

I heard that in patients with O.C.D. many of them must repeat rituals in order to complete a task. The pathways to their brain are stuck on “loop” and they cannot complete a certain pattern without being interrupted, otherwise their brain goes back on the repeat button.

What if we take our minds off the man-made patterns and start looking at the patterns God set in motion for our lives. Everyone has a story and everyone has a unique pattern to his or her life. I remember wanting to go to this one college real bad not only because I thought it was a perfect fit for me but because my friend was urging me to go there as well, nonetheless it turns out that was her pattern  for her life and it didn’t fit the pattern  and design made for me.

What if God gave us this specific pattern to loop and intertwine certain people and their lives? A pattern no man can see yet we can watch as the invisible lines unfold, putting in motion the results of these precise configurations.

I like how the video below describes it as God’s fingerprints. God’s fingerprints are all around us but will we recognize his doings or just see a simple flower, the result? Everyone waits and expects results but no one likes to wait around and watch things being made or done. I do not know about you, although my life’s pattern is keeping me in the “dark” most of the time I cannot wait to see the final pattern my life makes. I wonder what it will look like. Whose lives I will touch or make a difference in? How many patterns will intersect each other’s? Will they help one another’s patterns grow and become more intricate?

Our unique fingerprints are God’s fingerprints. Therefore, in return we can show people in the world God’s glory and will.

So be the best fingerprint you can be. Let God lead your pattern to be at the exact place and point it needs to be.

Until next time,



Time Travel

30 Aug

Photo via: Denis Giles

Hey Webbies,

Today I want to share another poem I wrote. I think all of you can relate to this poem, and I encourage you to leave comments on how you interpret this work.

Can we go back to how it used to be?

To the time and place where we are free.

Like we were children with not one care in the world.

That time and place where we stood and twirled.

Can we go back in history?

To that time and place we’d rather be?

Like time was warped as the wavy sea.

Can you time travel?

Or is it just me?


Until next time,


I’ll Praise You in this Storm

29 Aug

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”  –Louisa May Alcott

Photo via: Kalah

Hey Webbies,

It is official. Hurricane Isaac is slowly but surely moving toward our area. Although, I will not be hit with the “hurricane” per say, my area is being hit with rain. Any of you that know me well know that I do not really care for rainy weather. It is as if the weather sends my body into “blah-mode.” With the weather slightly changing, I caught a small cold; combined with the weather my day has been extremely tiresome. I ended up spending my day watching Prison Break on Netflix.

I know a great deal of people whose mood changes when the weather is not the best, whether it be rain, snow, or merely cloudy. Why is it that we tend to stop functioning when a storm comes? On the other hand, if we do not stop functioning we are on the spectrum of being overly cautious.  Preparing for the worst to come, driving all around the city gathering up supplies. Whether you are on one side or the other, it is difficult for you when a storm approaches.

In life, many storms come through, some destroying everything we have. Everyone has a little hatred for these storms because they are ultimately out of our control. Humans do not get pleasure from things that are out of their hands, they cannot understand it. A storm in someone’s life is not necessarily foreseeable as the storms are predicted on the weather channel.

When a storm strikes, we either go straight to God to ask for his guidance through these challenging times. Or we turn away from God and shut him out of our lives blaming him for letting the storm hit us. We do this for the reason that he has the ultimate power. Control. We have free will, nonetheless we humans are greedy; it comes from the sin we are naturally born with we want the power. We are not content; we want control of the world we live in. For those of us who find comfort in Christ during these storms, we might not understand the reason for it but we find peace through him. We prepare and take the proper actions when it comes to the storms. We analyze and assess what we need to prepare and what needs to be carried through to make it during these tribulations.

Are you prepared for the storm? Are you strong enough to endure the elements? What side of the scale are you on? Do you need to change your views on tempest? Will you praise him in the storm?

We have free will, so my choice will be to praise him in the storm. I will prepare as much as I can. When a storm draws near, I will have faith, because “my God is greater and stronger than any other.”

Be courageous. Be Strong. Have Faith. Always have an umbrella. And when all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with singing in the rain.

Until next time,



28 Aug

Hey Webbies,

Today I will just leave you with a poem I wrote some time ago. It is nothing fancy, simply words that flow from my head through a pen. I pray it blesses you with whatever you might have faced today.

Radiating a magnificent glow,

It’s as if time will slow.

The Sacrificed life was spoken,

The day when, the altar had been broken.

Beauty will come from the wings spread,

Flowing in the wind ahead.

Fire warming up my soul;

The ice will flee from the coal.

As if my heart was made of stone,

It was love I hadn’t known.

Will I see what’s pure and true,

I am seeking just for you.


Until next time,


Love Riot

27 Aug

“You’re just a conformist drunken, naked, driving around a loud motorcycle, smoking cigarettes, breaking commandments, getting pregnant out-of-wedlock, Everyone’s done that, it’s so tiring. If you really want to be a rebel, read your bible, because no one’s doing that, that’s rebellion. That’s the only rebellion left.” –Lecrae

Hey Webbies,

Today makes it a full week of blogging; I am surprised at how fast this week has gone.

I have always wanted to write a blog but hesitated to start one in fear of sounding egotistical. I had to rebel against my thoughts and self-doubt. I love to blast “Love Riot” by Worth Dying For on repeat. This song is very energizing to my spirit, I makes me want to start jumping in place and to, dare I say, fist pump. It makes me want to just dance in the spirit and shake off all the dirt of this world. I think this song presents a flawless way to stir up the Holy Spirit. Who would not want to take part of a love riot?

A rebel is someone who rises in opposition, someone who takes a stand. We can take a stand on love and fight with it. Use it as a weapon. Kill others with kindness by showing Gods love for them. Love is passion; an emotion so strong and long-lasting one can barely maintain control. If God loves us that much, why are we not sharing it? Why are we not rebelling? Why are we not causing a riot so infectious with love that all it can do is prevail like a starving wildfire?

When I think of rebellion and riots, I think of negative things like drugs or death. However, God is mightier than that. His type of riots and rebellion is organized and calm like a methodical S.W.A.T team planning to catch their fugitive. A quiet storm, with a lethal aftermath. Satan goes around like a roaring lion; God comes in like an innocent lamb, quiet and harmless. It is not negative, it is not predictable but through his timing and love, he reveals that aftermath to you. He shows you that your consequences of living how you did without him could change in a heartbeat with him.

Passion, have you ever experienced it? I have not. Nevertheless, I can see through movies that portray it, it is something that boils inside of you, an emotion almost with a life of its own. God feels that for every single person in the world. It consumes him; you consume him.

Today I am thankful for his love. As a proverbs woman I am going to make it an effort every day to remind myself of that emotion he has for me. My rebellion is against my thoughts. My mind. My worst enemy when the world becomes quiet. I will fight for my right to be loved and free.

With your choice laid out on the table right now… what will you fight for? Will you rebel? Will you be part of the riot of love while the world is continuing down the path of anarchy?

Until next time,


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