Net Worth

24 Aug

“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” – Luke 15:7

Hey Webbies,

Fall is nearly here! So naturally, I ceased the opportunity to go apple picking. The car ride was long, the music was static and I was going stir crazy. By the time we had gotten to the orchard, I was very agitated. We were in the middle of nowhere, I did not have reception on my phone and the road looked very eerie. All I could think was “Oh great, my life is going to end at an apple orchard.” Well, I obviously did not die.

While at the orchard, we started picking two different apples, clean ones with no blemishes and ones that had fallen on the floor bruised or ones that started to rot. As we picked them off the tree or off the ground, we placed them into their designated buckets. Many buckets later, we went to pay for what we had picked and discovered the perfect apples were ten dollars a bucket, which was a fantastic price. However, what we heard next shocked us. The buckets full of no-good apples were only a dollar-fifty each. Why is it that the apples with minor bumps or nicks were sold for much less? It was because they were desired less. Except, to someone like me, these apple were wonderful for making applesauce in fact it is better to make applesauce from these apples compared to the perfect ones.

Many people think that they have to make themselves perfect before coming to God. They have to be the perfect apple. In reality, everyone is the “ground apple.”  Some of us are bruised, some of us are infested, and some of us are rotten. Yet, that does not mean the entire apple is bad. When we bring these apples home, we wash and then cut the gross stuff away. That is what God does with us when we come to him he takes our bad and uses our good.

In a way, I felt like we were robbing this farmer. If my math calculations are correct, we paid 85% more for the perfect apples than the less expensive ones. Although, the “ground apples” were not worth much to the farmer, those apples were worth a lot more than he knew to me. Despite the fact, we are broken and feel worthless, God can use us. If we were perfect, God would not have a job to do. To him we are worth more than anyone can imagine. To God we are not the Gross value we are the Net value, Our God is a jealous God, and will take all of us not just parts.

So to all of you out there know your worth. Respect the power given with your worth. Help others know they are more valuable than they think.

Please feel welcome to leave questions or comments.

Until next time,



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