Dead End

26 Aug

“You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  –Psalms 16:11

Philip Bongiorno Conference Center, Carlisle, PA                                                        Photo via: Kalah

Hey Webbies,

I am currently in a time in my life where I feel like everything is at a standstill. I do not have my license. I do not have a job. I am not currently attending college. I am solely responsible for all of this. I should have had the guts to take care of these issues years ago, but I listened to the wrong people and now I feel like I am behind the line of where everyone is at my age. Where is my path going?

Sometimes I feel my path is hidden like when a blanket of snow covers the earth. Everything looks the same, all white and level. My path seems always to be in winter, so I plead for spring to come and rescue me. I am truly grateful for opportunities I have had, but occasionally I wish things would go in my favor or at least go smoothly.

Would it be amazing if you could turn on your smart phone and click on an app called “My Life?” When it opens up, it looks like the board of Candy Land and BOOM your path is right there for you. Now, I know this is what my Bible is for but I am not going to lie sometimes when I read it, it is like sitting through my senior year Literature class. Boring. I feel like the Bible was written with many riddles or things up for interpretation. I believe my faith is black or white with no in-between sometimes it would be nice just to feel like my path is black and white with no in-between.

How many of you out there feel like you are at a dead-end? Nowhere to turn?  Am I the only one guilty of wanting to be the car driving behind a street plow in a snowstorm?

I know that this is where I belong. I might catch grief from other people for the way I am living my life but I have to make due, to make sure I am going down the right path God wants me to. How would you feel if you got to heaven and God told you that you might not enter because you listened to the wrong people or took the wrong advice because you did not know any better? If I was in that situation, I would be disappointed in myself for not asking more questions.

So take responsibility. Ask questions (or directions in this case.) Check the validity of your sources. Finally, NEVER let someone, other than God; take you on a different road for your life.

Until next time,



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