Love Riot

27 Aug

“You’re just a conformist drunken, naked, driving around a loud motorcycle, smoking cigarettes, breaking commandments, getting pregnant out-of-wedlock, Everyone’s done that, it’s so tiring. If you really want to be a rebel, read your bible, because no one’s doing that, that’s rebellion. That’s the only rebellion left.” –Lecrae

Hey Webbies,

Today makes it a full week of blogging; I am surprised at how fast this week has gone.

I have always wanted to write a blog but hesitated to start one in fear of sounding egotistical. I had to rebel against my thoughts and self-doubt. I love to blast “Love Riot” by Worth Dying For on repeat. This song is very energizing to my spirit, I makes me want to start jumping in place and to, dare I say, fist pump. It makes me want to just dance in the spirit and shake off all the dirt of this world. I think this song presents a flawless way to stir up the Holy Spirit. Who would not want to take part of a love riot?

A rebel is someone who rises in opposition, someone who takes a stand. We can take a stand on love and fight with it. Use it as a weapon. Kill others with kindness by showing Gods love for them. Love is passion; an emotion so strong and long-lasting one can barely maintain control. If God loves us that much, why are we not sharing it? Why are we not rebelling? Why are we not causing a riot so infectious with love that all it can do is prevail like a starving wildfire?

When I think of rebellion and riots, I think of negative things like drugs or death. However, God is mightier than that. His type of riots and rebellion is organized and calm like a methodical S.W.A.T team planning to catch their fugitive. A quiet storm, with a lethal aftermath. Satan goes around like a roaring lion; God comes in like an innocent lamb, quiet and harmless. It is not negative, it is not predictable but through his timing and love, he reveals that aftermath to you. He shows you that your consequences of living how you did without him could change in a heartbeat with him.

Passion, have you ever experienced it? I have not. Nevertheless, I can see through movies that portray it, it is something that boils inside of you, an emotion almost with a life of its own. God feels that for every single person in the world. It consumes him; you consume him.

Today I am thankful for his love. As a proverbs woman I am going to make it an effort every day to remind myself of that emotion he has for me. My rebellion is against my thoughts. My mind. My worst enemy when the world becomes quiet. I will fight for my right to be loved and free.

With your choice laid out on the table right now… what will you fight for? Will you rebel? Will you be part of the riot of love while the world is continuing down the path of anarchy?

Until next time,



2 Responses to “Love Riot”

  1. viviancarol August 28, 2012 at 2:06 AM #

    Amen!!! What a great challenge and a great post!! I’ve never thought of showing my love for Christ to be rebeling… But it makes so much sense. I need to rebel against that part of me that holds back and finds it more important to be loved by the world.

    • Kalah August 28, 2012 at 2:40 AM #

      VivianCarol: I want to first thank you for reading my post, and I am glad you could read it with an open heart and mind. I am learning to look at the world from multiple point-of-views but with one focus on my mind: God. I pray that you find the strength through God to rebel against what holds you back from him. The world offers nothing but heartache, Christ is the remedy. Through his passionate love for us, he offers us something better than the world. He offers us an eternity free from any type of hurt and pain that may come to us here on Earth.
      God Bless,

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