I’ll Praise You in this Storm

29 Aug

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”  –Louisa May Alcott

Photo via: Kalah

Hey Webbies,

It is official. Hurricane Isaac is slowly but surely moving toward our area. Although, I will not be hit with the “hurricane” per say, my area is being hit with rain. Any of you that know me well know that I do not really care for rainy weather. It is as if the weather sends my body into “blah-mode.” With the weather slightly changing, I caught a small cold; combined with the weather my day has been extremely tiresome. I ended up spending my day watching Prison Break on Netflix.

I know a great deal of people whose mood changes when the weather is not the best, whether it be rain, snow, or merely cloudy. Why is it that we tend to stop functioning when a storm comes? On the other hand, if we do not stop functioning we are on the spectrum of being overly cautious.  Preparing for the worst to come, driving all around the city gathering up supplies. Whether you are on one side or the other, it is difficult for you when a storm approaches.

In life, many storms come through, some destroying everything we have. Everyone has a little hatred for these storms because they are ultimately out of our control. Humans do not get pleasure from things that are out of their hands, they cannot understand it. A storm in someone’s life is not necessarily foreseeable as the storms are predicted on the weather channel.

When a storm strikes, we either go straight to God to ask for his guidance through these challenging times. Or we turn away from God and shut him out of our lives blaming him for letting the storm hit us. We do this for the reason that he has the ultimate power. Control. We have free will, nonetheless we humans are greedy; it comes from the sin we are naturally born with we want the power. We are not content; we want control of the world we live in. For those of us who find comfort in Christ during these storms, we might not understand the reason for it but we find peace through him. We prepare and take the proper actions when it comes to the storms. We analyze and assess what we need to prepare and what needs to be carried through to make it during these tribulations.

Are you prepared for the storm? Are you strong enough to endure the elements? What side of the scale are you on? Do you need to change your views on tempest? Will you praise him in the storm?

We have free will, so my choice will be to praise him in the storm. I will prepare as much as I can. When a storm draws near, I will have faith, because “my God is greater and stronger than any other.”

Be courageous. Be Strong. Have Faith. Always have an umbrella. And when all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with singing in the rain.

Until next time,



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