31 Aug

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” –Romans 12:2

Photo via: Kalah

Hey Webbies,

I have always been infatuated with patterns. When I was little I could never grasp the concepts of Math, but in about fourth grade something clicked. I went from being a C student to being an A student. It was almost as if the basic things in math were more complicated for me than doing Algebra or Trigonometry for some reason.

I absolutely love learning about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden ratio. Anyone who is majoring in Art will know golden ratio, because he or she uses it frequently when drawing or sculpting works. The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers in which each number equals the sum of the two preceding numbers. You can find its curve in many forms hidden or in plain sight within nature.

What is it about the pattern that it shows itself all over this Earth?

I feel as though we all have patterns in our life that we have created. Whether it is the pattern in how we keep time (or do not keep it); or a situation that recurs time after time in our life, it still is something that has repetition in our life.

I heard that in patients with O.C.D. many of them must repeat rituals in order to complete a task. The pathways to their brain are stuck on “loop” and they cannot complete a certain pattern without being interrupted, otherwise their brain goes back on the repeat button.

What if we take our minds off the man-made patterns and start looking at the patterns God set in motion for our lives. Everyone has a story and everyone has a unique pattern to his or her life. I remember wanting to go to this one college real bad not only because I thought it was a perfect fit for me but because my friend was urging me to go there as well, nonetheless it turns out that was her pattern  for her life and it didn’t fit the pattern  and design made for me.

What if God gave us this specific pattern to loop and intertwine certain people and their lives? A pattern no man can see yet we can watch as the invisible lines unfold, putting in motion the results of these precise configurations.

I like how the video below describes it as God’s fingerprints. God’s fingerprints are all around us but will we recognize his doings or just see a simple flower, the result? Everyone waits and expects results but no one likes to wait around and watch things being made or done. I do not know about you, although my life’s pattern is keeping me in the “dark” most of the time I cannot wait to see the final pattern my life makes. I wonder what it will look like. Whose lives I will touch or make a difference in? How many patterns will intersect each other’s? Will they help one another’s patterns grow and become more intricate?

Our unique fingerprints are God’s fingerprints. Therefore, in return we can show people in the world God’s glory and will.

So be the best fingerprint you can be. Let God lead your pattern to be at the exact place and point it needs to be.

Until next time,



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