Prayer Circle

5 Sep

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” –Jeremiah 29: 11

My parents holding me                                              My hospital picture.                           My Memmy praying for me.

Hey Webbies,

Today I decided to do something a little different.

A typical day for me is pretty much laid back and usual. However, sometimes I randomly feel down for no apparent reason. I hate that feeling of self-pity but sometimes I cannot shake it, no matter how irrational it is. Then, I hate myself even more for thinking in such a manner because in retrospect my life is reasonably decent. So many people out there deal with worse situations than I do. How selfish can I be to dislike my life?

Growing up, I remember always being sick. Many people will agree and many will not, but guess what this is my blog, so I will tell my story how I see it. I was born prematurely at 28 weeks through an emergency C-section. My placenta ripped off the uterine wall; this is known as placenta abruption and can be fatal to both mother and child. I was born a miracle, at 2 lbs.  7 oz. and 15 inches long.

As the story goes, my mom was unconscious when I was born so when she saw me for the first time; it was a picture by her nightstand. She told me when she first saw my picture she denied it was myself thinking I was a black baby, and demanded to see her real child. Honestly, I laugh every time I hear this story being retold.

So here is the back-story, I am the youngest out of my family and my siblings were all born with blonde/no hair. I came out with a head FULL of hair, which is fine but it was black. A little shocking on my dad’s part I bet. However, no one can deny I am his child, considering if I could grow a beard and shave my head I am thoroughly convinced we could pass as twins.

As I got older, I would have doctor’s visits daily, then slowly weaned to weekly.  I was allergic close to everything in sight. I remember in Kindergarten I was sent home with a rash from using the schools soap. Consequently, I was the only kindergartener and first grader with their own bottle of special soap and my name neatly displayed on it.

I had severe asthma, which was accompanied with MANY steroids, which my thick figure can partially thank….NOT! I remember going to school and getting sick quickly, like seriously coughing up my lungs. Therefore, after going home every day after like 5 minutes of being in school I was put in home school; deemed allergic to the school, and for anyone that knows Allentown, it should not surprise them.

Today I can gratefully thank God that I am almost completely healed of it. I feel my life gained all the hours people spent praying for me. For this specific reason, I thought it would be an excellent idea to ask everyone to pray for Rachel. Rachel was very recently diagnosed with brain-stem cancer, (DIPG). I have been reading her thoughts through her journey, her great days and her not so great ones. This beautiful young girl has strength and courage that could only come from God.

I think that if I gained my life through people praying for me, she could gain something too. Below I will include her address, which you can also find on her blog. I think this young girl deserves some edifying words and prayers to keep her spirit lifted and going. She is loved and she is beautiful. #PrayersForRachel.

When God speaks, I shall listen. What God commands, I shall do. 

Photo via: Rachel Stratton

Rachel’s Blog:

Rachel’s Address (Until Oct. 9):

Ronald McDonald House
Rachel Stratton
Room #51
535 Alabama Ave.
Memphis, TN 38105


Until next time,



One Response to “Prayer Circle”

  1. brenda September 5, 2012 at 1:35 PM #

    kalah, i too will write to rachel and pray for her. as we know God can do miracles. and everytime i think about you in that picture i too laugh thinking that you werent mine. and as you say, you are truely your dads child. spitting image of him except for my eyes. lol i had to give you something. you are truely blessed and have a special gift with words. keep up the great work.

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