Mirror of Life

7 Sep

Photo via: publicdomainpictures.net

Hey Webbies,

Here is another poem I wrote. This week has been rather intense so I apologize for not doing as many daily posts. My mother has been going through the motions of getting her leg amputated, so there has been an uneasy feeling in the house this week.


Am I a stranger with my face

Or just bonded in a duct tape incase

Night has casted its shadows

But dawn has brought a new day

I faded to the background with autumn leaves blowing

The wind whispered in my ear softly gloating

Many have come far and wide

It said with too much pride

His voice made me quiver and fall to my knees

There lie a puddle reflecting just me.



I hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment telling me what you think this poem is trying to say.

Until next time,



What are your thoughts?

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