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17 Sep

“Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted…” –Exodus 15: 21

Hey Webbies,

After many broken promises to my friends to make a video of myself singing I FINALLY decided to make due on that promise and make a video of myself singing “What do I know of Holy” by Addison Road . Every time I hear this song, it is as if I fall in love with it all over again.

This week is going to be busy; my mother is scheduled to get her leg amputated on Wed. so nerves and emotions are all stirred up around the house. I would appreciate any prayers you could send our way.

I challenge all of my readers this week to worship God in whatever way works for you, whether it be singing, helping others, praying, using your gifts for God and give him his glory he deserves.

Until next time,



10,000 Reasons

15 Sep

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) – Matt Redman

Integrity: In the Dark

10 Sep

 “Good loses. Good always loses because good has to play fair. Evil doesn’t” –Henry

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Hey Webbies,

I was watching a show on Netflix and the quote above stuck in my brain. I feel it is true, Good does lose a lot more often than it wins because Good has to play fair. Integrity is what separates Good and Evil.

I hear many non-believing people question: “how can God let bad things happen to good people?”  I think this is a leading example in why. God, being Good has to play by the rules. Be Fair.  What would make God any different from the Devil if he would not play fair?

However, I do not believe this quote is fully accurate. Reality is Darkness is always ahead of the Light, however, Light might look like the loser, because it is always the Darkest right before the Light takes over. 

Who are you in the dark? Are you still the same in the light? Do you possess Integrity; do you have Character?

 I know my blog posts have been lacking content but I feel that sometimes there is nothing to say except a few words, or just a picture.

So if you are feeling defeated just remember the Sun always rises after the darkest of night.

Light up the darkness. Be the Light. Spread the Light.

Until next time,


Mirror of Life

7 Sep

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Hey Webbies,

Here is another poem I wrote. This week has been rather intense so I apologize for not doing as many daily posts. My mother has been going through the motions of getting her leg amputated, so there has been an uneasy feeling in the house this week.


Am I a stranger with my face

Or just bonded in a duct tape incase

Night has casted its shadows

But dawn has brought a new day

I faded to the background with autumn leaves blowing

The wind whispered in my ear softly gloating

Many have come far and wide

It said with too much pride

His voice made me quiver and fall to my knees

There lie a puddle reflecting just me.



I hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment telling me what you think this poem is trying to say.

Until next time,


Interrogation Mode

5 Sep

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Hey Webbies,                             

Today I wanted to take the time to explain fully a new segment of my blog called “QME?” In this segment, I will take everyone’s questions that anyone can send to me either by email or through commenting on any post. Then I will answer those questions or topics every Saturday in my blog. I want to do this to encourage interaction/feedback on my blog. I feel I cannot learn without interacting, so I am sure others cannot as well. Question everything.

Do you have a question on how I manage certain situations in my life?

Do you need advice on anything?

Would you like me to write about a certain topic?

I want to hear from you, what are your thoughts?

Nothing is off-limits, unless it is downright inappropriate…  I anticipate being completely honest on my blog, so help me help you. 🙂

If you would like updates on when I write a post scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click the “follow me” button.


My personal email:

In addition, you can comment anywhere after a post in the section “What’s your thoughts?”

Until next time,


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